About fences

We offer high-quality fence specially for Your needs, which will ensure its long –time functions, while retaining its maintenance for over 20 years and longer.

Tornado Hurdle wire fences are used for fencing deer gardens, woodlands, paddocks and a variety of other areas, as well as for installing road barriers.

Tornado writes the following about themselves: Our HI-TENSILE PLUS® product has enabled us to achieve the highest level of quality regarding the durability of wires. All HI-TENSILE PLUS® products with both TORNADO TITAN and TORNADO FLEX nodes meet the respective European standards in relation to the durability of wires and the quality of galvanizing. As a result, we have obtained a very durable, flexible fence with the lifetime of long period. This kind of fence requires minimum maintaining.

Type of knots


“Hinge joint” is a flexible wattle work for considerable loads as a result of impact. The additional possibility regarding this wattle work is that this sieve could be also bended up to 90 degrees thus enabling to use it in special places. 


“Titan Knot” ensures strong vertical and horizontal joining of wires that ensures the long-term prevention of the displacement of wires. It is characterized by a very high level of durability at the moment of impacts; therefore it is particularly suitable for difficult conditions.

Torus“Torus Knot” is the latest development from Tornado, the experts in wire fencing. Manufactured with a high pressure bonded knot, offering optimal strength even in the most extreme environments – thanks to its Quad-Lock design.






For Agriculture

For Agriculture

For deer gardens

For deer gardens

For solar panel parks

For solar panel parks



Plain Wire High Tensile 650m, diameter 2.5mm

Crimp sleeves 1,65-2,5 mm 100 pieces

Tensioners Gripple Plus

Fencing staples 3.15*3.0mm 10kg

Fencing staples 40*4.0mm 5kg

Tensioning tool Gripple Plus

Joining tool Ultra crimp Ezepull

Felco wire cutters

Most popular gates for deer gardens 1.80*4.88m

On request gates can be produced in different sizes!

Barbed wire Titan 200m 2.00mm

Barbed wire Titan 200m 1.60mm

Wire strainer for one wire

Boundary strainer for whole fence

Bendy tool

Deere clamp 1.25m-3.00m

Steel strap with metal screws

Steel post plug

Post clamp

Wire unwinder

Gate eye

Hook to bolt)

Hook to drive

Gate catch

Self-locking gate catch