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Vilsa Ltd. has experience in timber drying since 2015.
Timber can be dried in three chambers simultaneously, with a total capacity of 180-220 m3.

The maximum length of the timber is 7.0 m.

Packaging requirements: the timber should be packaged in stacks of 1.15 by 1.15 m using stacking strips, with a minimum thickness of 20 mm.

A full drying cycle to reach moisture content of 18% takes 5-10 days.
The duration of the cycle cannot be estimated accurately in advance because it is influenced by various properties of the wood:

  • structure and density of wood;
  • thickness of the material;
  • initial moisture content, etc.

Cracking and bending of wood during drying is possible; it is a natural process and cannot be avoided.

Timber drying

Timber drying is a standard process at woodworking plants to reduce the moisture content of the wood, allowing for further processing of the material.

Artificial drying of wood in special chambers allows reaching the desired moisture content in much shorter time than by natural drying.

The timber kiln operates in automatic mode. Inside the drying chamber, the hot air flow causes the evaporation of moisture from the wood.

During the process, the airflow temperature and moisture content are controlled electronically. Special fans provide airflow inside the chamber.

Heat inside the drying chamber is provided by air heaters, while the air exchange takes place through air vent hatches. The humidity inside the drying chamber is ensured using an injection system.