Protection Against Rot

Taking into consideration that the clients pay more and more attention to the lifetime of wooden posts we now are offering the unique effective POSTSAVER and POLESAVER products that will ensure the maximum protection of wood in the area, where the rot usually appears. A part of post at ground level is least protected from the influence of water and oxygen.


Lifetime of posts with  POSTSAVER is significantly longer. To protect your investment into buildinga a fence, and maximize its service life (approximately 20 years), we recommend the use POSTSAVER for PINE posts, that are dried and impregnated by 4th class (fully impregnated part of sapwood of the wood).

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Polesaver sleeves are used by electric power companies all over the world to protect both wooden and steel poles against the effect of ground rot, termite attack and corrosion (protection up to 40 years).

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Postsaver +PLUS

Postsaver Rot Protection +Plus is a rot prevention sleeve that’s been developed for the professional specifier market where post life of 40+ years is expected.

Postsaver +Plus, like the proven Polesaver product, extends deeper below ground than our standard protection, significantly reducing the likelihood of wood decay. This results in an expected post life of 40+ years on UC4 treated posts and 20 years when used on untreated posts in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Fence Armor

Protect your investment while preventing damages made by regular lawn maintenance. Fits wood round posts measuring 75mm to 180mm in diameter, and larger.

Ideal for low rail situations or privacy fences, this demi post guard’s shallow depth prevents interference with bottom rails, fitting both wood and vinyl posts. This unique design protects posts in a variety of scenarios; shared fences using multiple stains, or single posts with hard-to-fit corners in need of custom protection.

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You have to put POSTSAVER on a certain place of a post (5 cm above ground level) and warm up evenly with a gas burner until it is fully tightened around the post. It is done quickly and easily.