About poles

Rounded and peeled posts, which are processed by preservatives against rot for long service life are essentially an integral part of agricultural fencing. Posts are made from spruce and pine with one end pointed and the other end phased to make it easier to install posts into the ground. But they can be ordered according to your requirements with either straight or phased ends and etc. The most sizes can be delivered sawn into halves.

Each wooden post is made of a solid tree trunk with its core in the middle. This means that during drying of the posts, naturally or industrially (in kilns), longitudinal cracks can appear. This is a natural process, which does not affect the dynamic resistance and the quality of the posts.


Rounded and peeled posts are used for fences, pastures, farm paddocks, garden needs, bank boarders, strengthening of plantings of trees, as well as for agricultural activities.

Appearance of ends

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Product specification

Standard specifications and use of machine rounded poles and cundy peeled posts.
All material is packaged in standard 1,1m*1,1m size packs x length.

Other sizes available upon further request. We offer only full packs.


Appearance of endsDiameter, mmLenght, mPieces per pack

Rounded poles

Pointed/ Chamfered501.20431
Pointed/ Chamfered501.50431
Pointed/ Chamfered501.65431
Pointed/ Chamfered501.80431
Pointed/ Chamfered502.10431
Pointed/ Chamfered502.40431
Pointed/ Chamfered601.20298
Pointed/ Chamfered601.50298
Pointed/ Chamfered601.65 298
Pointed/ Chamfered601.80298
Pointed/ Chamfered60 2.10 298
Pointed/ Chamfered60 2.40 298
Pointed/ Chamfered751.20203
Pointed/ Chamfered75 1.50 203 
Pointed/ Chamfered75 1.65 203 
Pointed/ Chamfered75 1.80 203 
Pointed/ Chamfered75 2.10 203 
Pointed/ Chamfered75 2.40 203 
Pointed/ Chamfered85 1.65 150 
Pointed/ Chamfered85 1.80150 
Pointed/ Chamfered852.10150
Pointed/ Chamfered852.40150
Pointed/ Chamfered853.00150
Squere ends853.60150
Squere ends/ Halves 853.60300
Pointed/ Chamfered1001.00105
Pointed/ Chamfered1001.20105
Pointed/ Chamfered1001.50105
Pointed/ Chamfered1001.65105
Pointed/ Chamfered1001.80 105
Pointed/ Chamfered1002.10105
Pointed/ Chamfered1002.40105
Pointed/ Chamfered1003.00105
Squere ends1003.66105
Chamfered ends/ Halves1003.66210
Pointed/ Chamfered1251.2060
Pointed/ Chamfered1251.80 60 
Pointed/ Chamfered1252.10 60
Pointed/ Chamfered125 2.40 60 
Pointed/ Chamfered1253.0060
Pointed/ Chamfered1253.6060
Pointed/ Chamfered1402.4046
Pointed/ Chamfered1403.0046
Pointed/ Chamfered1403.6046
Pointed/ Chamfered1404.8046
Pointed/ Chamfered1502.1046
Pointed/ Chamfered1502.4046
Pointed/ Chamfered1503.0046
Pointed/ Chamfered1503.6046
Chamfered ends1504.8046
Pointed/ Chamfered1752.4033
Pointed/ Chamfered1753.0033
Pointed/ Chamfered1753.6033
Chamfered ends1754.8033
Pointed/ Chamfered2002.4025
Pointed/ Chamfered2003.0025
Pointed/ Chamfered2003.6025
Pointed/ Chamfered2004.0025
Pointed/ Chamfered2004.8025

Peeled poles

Pointed/ Squere50/751.65160
Pointed/ Squere50/751.80160
Pointed/ Squere50/752.40160
Pointed/ Squere75/1001.65105
Pointed/ Squere75/1001.80105
Pointed/ Squere75/1002.10105
Pointed/ Squere75/1002.40105
Pointed/ Squere100/1251.65 72
Pointed/ Squere100/1251.80 72
Pointed/ Squere100/1252.10 72
Pointed/ Squere100/1252.40 72 
Pointed/ Squere100/1253.00 72 
Pointed/ Squere125/1502.10 49
Pointed/ Squere125/1502.4049
Pointed/ Squere125/1503.00 49
Pointed/ Squere125/1503.6049
Pointed/ Squere 150/1753.60 49
Pointed/ Squere 150/1754.00 49 
Pointed/ Squere175/2003.6020
Pointed/ Squere175/2004.0020